Welcome to Lynne’s Dolce e Pane and thank you for visiting our site. Before you browse through, I’d like to share with you a little bit about who we are.

Who we are…

Lynne’s Dolce e Pane is a commercial bakery located in Providence, Rhode Island, which has been in operation since 2003. Lynne DiMario and I met in 1990 as neighbors and immediately realized that we share a passion for food, originating from our Italian heritage and similar family experiences.

Like many Italian immigrants of the early 1900’s, our grandparents were remarkable people who struggled to be productive and become independent. Of their many extraordinary qualities, was an infatuation and talent with food that would rival the most celebrated chefs of our time. They knew exactly how to bring together the simplest, fresh ingredients in order to create unforgettable meals, and they made certain that we learned this skill by helping.

It was not until we were older that we truly understood that, although the food was wonderful, the true benefit was in sharing the experience with family and friends. We are most grateful for having had that opportunity and continue to pass it along to the generations that have followed.

Our goal is to pay it forward, with the hope that by enjoying our products, you will be reminded of your own like history or experience a little piece of our heritage.


Catherine Procaccini, President