Who we are…

Lynne’s Dolce e Pane is a bakery located in Providence, Rhode Island. Lynne DiMario and I met in 1990 and, without delay, recognized that we share a passion for food that originated from our similar Italian heritage. Like many Italian immigrants of the early 1900’s, our grandparents were remarkable people who struggled to become independent. Of their many qualities, was an infatuation with food that would rival the most celebrated chefs of our time. They knew how to bring together the simplest fresh ingredients in order to create unforgettable products. One such item was biscotti.

What is biscotti?

Biscotti is an Italian word, which originates from Medieval Latin bis coctus, meaning, twice-baked. In Italy, biscotti is a generic term used for most cookies. They are prepared and flavored in many variations depending upon the region in which they are produced. However, in the United States, biscotti are considered an Italian specialty.

Traditionally, biscotti are hard from being twice baked, and, therefore, perfect for dunking into a hot cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, and even wine. However, our biscotti are different in that they are soft and are great just as they are.

The recipe for our biscotti originates from Lynne’s Grandma (Nonna) Josie’s Almond Biscotti. By experimenting with a variety of natural ingredients such as assorted whole nuts, fresh fruit, reinstated dried fruit and berries, flavored chocolate pieces, pure extracts, spices, seasonings and coffees, Lynne’s Dolce e Pane currently offers an extensive variety of homemade biscotti, each with their own distinctive essence and aroma. The smell, alone, brings back so many fond memories of the past.

At present, Biscotti is our principal product. However, we soon plan to introduce other traditional Italian recipes that we have inherited. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the authentic taste of Italian biscotti. Stay tuned for new products!

Catherine Procaccini, President